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See what other people are saying about our Fox Creek apartments! At Fox Creek Luxury Living, we value all our residents voices, and can’t wait for you to see our luxury apartments for yourself.


Having lived here for nearly two years, I have enjoyed all the amenities as well as the prompt response of maintenance calls. I really like how close everything is, within walking distance, yet it is quietly nestled just off of Hillfield Rd. The grounds are very well maintained. I like how much larger my one bdrm apartment is in comparison to some of the other properties I had looked at.


My stay at Fox Creek was actually pretty good! My wife and I had our doubts because the apartments seem kinda old, but the appliances were fairly new, probably bought within the last 8 years, and the square footage to price ratio was better than pretty much all the other apartments in Davis County that I had looked at. Maintenance issues were addressed promptly. The previous tenant left my hallway closet smelling like urine. The ladies in the office were able to get a carpet guy early the next day to replace the carpeting in the closet. Speaking of the staff, they were very helpful in addressing my questions. It seemed that at a few of the other apartments I had visited, the office staff were almost annoyed that I had come to look at what they had to offer. The Fox Creek staff made good effort to be enthusiastic and excited that we were thinking about renting from them. Kind of a good feeling, actually! All in all, I would definitely recommend this place to anyone looking for a great and affordable apartment.


I loved everyone in the office at fox creek they're very nice and understanding. they had a lot of apartment events and games and prizes i loved the pool and hot tub. The fire place and den area was really nice and it was VERY clean when i moved in. The maintenance guy was always there within 5-15 minutes and he was very nice as well. I didn't love the apartments so much there was a vent in the water heater room that led straight outside and there was no screen. i had a huge spider (about and inch and a half) in my garbage can in that room and it jumped on my hand when i tried to take the garbage out. so i put duck tape on the vent and didnt have anymore problems. The shorter the lease the more expensive the apartments are i felt like i was paying waaayyyy to much for a 2 bed room.


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